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Single Arm Open Die Forging Hammer

Single Arm Open Die Forging Hammer
Single Arm Open Die Forging Hammer
Product Code : HODFH
Product Description

Single Arm Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer is widely accepted in modern open die forging plants, suitable for producing various open die forgings, such as shaft forgings, ring forgings, gear blanks, flanges etc.

Key Features:

1. Energy saving and environmental protection.
2. High speed and high efficiency blowing increases production efficiency.
3. X type guide rails guarantee strong anti deviated loading ability.
4. Auto lubricating of guide rails.
5. PLC control, immediately starting and immediately apply into forging production.
6. Safety and easy operating by hand lever.
7. High efficiency cooling for hydraulic oil, which guarantee 8 hours non-stop production.

The technical parameters of hydraulic free forging hammer (Single arm)
Model Unit C61-30
Hit energy Kj 30 70 105 140 175
Rated weight of falling part kg  1300 2600 4000 4800 5500
Max stroke mm  1000 1260 1450 1700 1800
Hit frequency min-1  50-58 65-75 50-58 50-60 48-55
Main pump type mm A2F160R2P3 A2F160R2P3 A2F160R2P3 A2F160R2P3 A2F160R2P3
Main motor type type Y250M-4-B35 Y250M-4-B35 Y250M-4-B35 Y250M-4-B35 Y280S-4-B35
Main motor power kw 55 55×3 55×4 55×5 75×5
Motor/pump number set 1 3 4 5 5
Electric-cooler type type YLD400 YLD800 YLD1200 YLD800×2 YLD800×2
Electric-cooler capacity Kcal/h 40000 80000 120000 80000×2 80000×2
Electric-cooler power kw 19 38 60 38×2 38×2
Distance between guides mm 480 560 600 600 700
Throat depth×
throat height
mm 730x1750 840x2150 960x2340 960x2500 1250x2200
Lower die surface 
height above ground
mm 750 750 750 750 760
Outside size mm 3800x1680x7000 4260x1800x7200 4700x1900x7600 5440x1900x8000 5700x2300x8500
Oil tank outside size  mm 2000x1500x1300 2700x2000x1600 3600x2000x1600 4500x2000x1600 4500x2000x1600